My son and I hanging out at the park.

A Snip it Inside My Life

My name is Brittney Cruz! As you can surely tell that's where the name of my shop originated from. I am a single mother of two a boy and girl. We have traveled a bit along the East Coast. I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. I lived there for twenty three years relocated to Savannah, Ga for ten years! Now, I reside in Benson, North Carolina.
I always had a very strong passion for Art and working with my hands. Making an array of mediums into a collage of something magnificent! I love that my studio is inside my home so my kiddos are able to help and learn working skills at the same time. I hand paint, sew, cut and pick out all the items you see in my shop. With customs customers express a bit about themselves and what they'd like to see in their one of a kind piece. They are always amazed of the final product!.
I am a self taught artist and sewist. Youtube videos and books help guide me when it comes to exploring with different materials to finish a product. Being able to work from home and enjoy what I do would not be possible without  you!!
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